Tenant Satisfaction

Throughout the report we have compared our performance with the Scottish and North Ayrshire averages. The North Ayrshire average is based on our own figures and those of Cunninghame Housing Association, Irvine Housing Association and North Ayrshire Council.

Our tenant satisfaction compares favourably with other landlords in North Ayrshire and across Scotland.

Overall satisfaction

Satisfaction with keeping tenants informed

Satisfaction with opportunities to participate

Quality of Housing

Although our SHQS compliance remains above the Scottish and North Ayrshire average, it has dipped slightly over the last couple of years. This is due to changes in our cyclical compliance programme and we should be on an upwards trajectory by next year.

Homes meeting SHQS

82.2% Tenants satisfied with quality of housing

Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements

Our repairs performance is strong, with our time to complete emergency and non-emergency repairs far better than the North Ayrshire and Scottish average.

We completed 99.4% of our repairs ‘right first time’, which is up from 92.9% last year. It had dipped last year as a result of us struggling to get hold of the right materials or installers for repairs due to Brexit and the legacy of Covid. But this situation has largely resolved itself.

Average time taken to complete emergency repairs

Average time taken to complete non-emergency repairs

81.7% Tenants satisfied with repairs service
1,530 Number of repairs completed
99.4% Repairs 'right first time'

Antisocial Behaviour and Complaints

Our performance around responding to complaints and resolving cases of antisocial behaviour remains strong and we aim to continue our good work in this area.

61 Number of cases of antisocial behaviour reported
96.7% Percentage of antisocial behaviour cases resolved on target
19 Number of complaints
100% Percentage of complaints responded to on target

Tenancy Sustainment

Our Welfare Benefits service is continuing to help our tenants financially. Our adviser helped 190 people claim almost £250,000 in additional income.

We are continuing to work as hard as ever to help those struggling with their finances or worried about their tenancy. If you’d like to chat to a member of our team or want information of other organisations we can signpost you to, please get in touch. We are also regularly sharing important and informative resources over on our social media pages so please give us a follow on Facebook if you haven’t already.

190 Number of people helped with our welfare benefits and money advice service
£248,722 Amount gained
20 Number of medical adaptations completed
6 Number of abandoned properties


The average number of days to re-let properties has increased to 23.5 days, but is still well below the Scottish average and on par with the North Ayrshire average. It has increased slightly as we had a couple of lower demand properties that took us longer to let than usual. Our performance in this area remains strong when these properties are excluded.

Average number of days taken to re-let properties

672 Number of homes
40 Number of homes available to rent this year
12 Number of homeless families housed
32.9% Percentage of tenancy offers refused

Rent and Money

The amount of rent we have collected remains strong and is roughly in line with the North Ayrshire and Scottish average.

Because we are able to turn around homes so quickly once a tenant moves out, our rent loss from properties being empty remains strong.

The percentage of tenants who feel our rent represents good value for money has dropped from 82% to 65%. This is largely to do with inflation making the cost of living so high. We are working hard to support our tenants financially. You can read about everything we are doing here. And you can find out about how our new Changeworks service could help you here.

Rent collected as percentage of rent due

Percentage of rent loss through properties being empty

£96.42 Average weekly rent
£3,044,414 Rent due
£87,798 Rent loss due to tenants in arrears
0 Number of evictions because of arrears
65.2% Percentage of tenants who feel rent is good value for money

More Information

We hope you enjoyed our 2023 Annual Report.

We’d love to hear what you think about the report or our performance.

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit the Scottish Housing Regulator website to see how Ancho compares to other housing associations and local authorities.